i want to fall in love with my body
Why do you promote being fat? I'm not necessarily against it but there are definitely health risks involved, so why promote it? asked by Anonymous


Okay, I am going to address this one last time. I do not “promote” being fat. I am against bullying, and I am for being happy with yourself and feeling secure in your own skin. Other peoples’ bodies, the way they look, and their health is actually no ones business but their own unless 1) you’re ridiculously close to them and are worried about them or 2) they’ve come to you and talked to you about it themselves, and asked you specifically for your help/take on things. We, as human beings, need to get over the fact that we are so privileged with the gift of Sight and Speech, its honestly insane. But just because we see something, doesn’t mean we have a RIGHT to comment on it (especially when it’s done in a negative and attacking way, ESPECIALLY *can i tripled under-line that fucking word* when it has absolutely NOTHING to do with the person who makes the comments or attacks). I don’t PROMOTE unhealthy life styles, I promote self-care in every fucking way. We’re taught to hate ourselves, to try to fit into some ridiculous mold that not all of us are meant to fit in. We need to all learn how to find balance, and how to be happy - so what if someone is at a different point in their journey than you? that gives you the right to turn all fake-ass-doctor on someone and start spewing out ancient facts that you learned in your Fully Alive religion pamphlet in grade 5? No man. Focus on your own journey, your own health, your own growth and goals. Do not take it upon yourself to dictate to someone else where you THINK they should be in their life right now. Fuck those assumptions. Fuck telling people to “put down the junk food and go for a run, it’s not that hard” - okay because when you’ve been bullied your whole life for being fat, going out in public is really fucking hard and people develop social anxiety over it. “Okay well then do something about it and exercise at home” - okay well where do i find the motivation when my entire life I’ve been told that I’m a good for nothing, piece of shit with no chance at all in the world? where do i find the support to even get out of bed when I feel as though I have absolutely no purpose in life? I’m not saying every fat person feels this way, but anyone who has ever been bullied for being fat…i’m sure they too have these days. What about the people who grew up super low income, who had parents who constantly bought boxed, canned and processed foods? Your body can literally become addicted to that, especially if that’s what you’ve been eating since birth (or in the womb as well - you’ve heard of crack babies right? babies born addicted to crack? Well we can be born addicted to whatever the fuck our parents have been injesting, COMPLETELY out of our control). I’m tired of these entitled, uneducated and unempathetic people saying “it’s easy just go to the gym” and “just dont eat crap” because they are people who haven’t struggled with addiction, with not understanding their own emotions, with not understanding why they don’t too deserve love, those people haven’t been tormented over things they too feel are out of their control. Ah, its fucking bullshit. What’s it to you if someone else is fat, and happy? In a world where it’s a miracle when someone is happy, why are you trying to rob them of that?

*slow clap to response* just let people be

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